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Where can I buy Spark R&D Gear?

We have a growing list of dealers that sell our products. We also sell directly though our online store.

You are Out of Stock on your website! Does that mean you are sold out for the season?

We continuously ship to our dealers throughout the season and once dealer orders are fulfilled, we allocate some of our stock for our website. Some seasons we just have a crazy amount of demand and re-orders from our dealers (which is great!) and do not have much left over to sell direct from our website. If an item says out of stock, it does not mean that there are none left in the world! It just means we do not have any on our webstore. Please check with your local dealer. If they do not have what you’re looking for, you can see if there are any other dealers with the item in stock that are willing to ship to you – our dealers are great, they usually do! Our dealer locator is here. And remember that we continue to ship to dealers everyday. As a last resort, you can keep checking back on our website. For the popular items, we usually do not have stock on our website until after the new year or into the Spring, and there is no guarantee that stock will become available. Our dealers are awesome, see if they have what you need!


We can ship via USPS and UPS both domestically and internationally.
Note: International rates vary by country and are subject to additional import duties and taxes (this is out of our control!). If you choose UPS Standard, you will be charged a brokerage fee from UPS, which can be quite expensive and is again out of our control. We suggest either USPS (which is cheapest but does not have tracking once it reaches the border and they often misplace packages) or UPS expedited (which is more expensive at the outset but does not charge broker fees). We know that international shipping is expensive and we recommend going through your local dealer if possible.

What if I have a warranty issue?

Spark R&D warrants its products to be free of manufacturing defects for two years from the date of purchase as validated by a copy of your original sales receipt. Problems resulting from impact, abuse, misuse, neglect, or modifications made outside of our factory and normal wear and tear are not covered. If your product has a valid warranty issue we will repair or replace the product free of charge. In the event that an exact replacement (model, size, and/or color) is no longer available we will replace your product with one of comparable performance, size and value. For issues relating to warranty please contact us via our online warranty form.

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Do I need to purchase any additional parts with my Tesla System bindings?

Your AfterBurner and Magneto bindings come with their own touring brackets and heel rests. The climbing wires for ascending uphill terrain are built right into the base of the bindings. You will need the Voile Splitboard Puck Set to attach your bindings to your factory splitboard. We also recommend getting the Sabertooth Crampons to help get you up steep or icy terrain.

Are these bindings compatible with my Voile interface parts?

All Spark R&D binders are compatible with the Voile interface kit. They slide right on to the adjustable or split your own pucks. The bindings are not compatible with the older interface Burton used before switching to the Voile kit.

The bindings don’t slide on my new pucks easily?

If you are having a hard time sliding your bindings on the board check to make sure that the rubber gaskets are installed underneath your pucks. If not, install the gaskets right now!  If your pucks are brand new, the fit might feel tight but will break in after just a couple of times changing over. If it feels like your bindings are jamming, check your puck alignment and make adjustments as necessary. This Board Set-up Quick Start Guide may help with fine tuning.

Which Voile split interface parts do I need to buy?

If you are using Spark R&D Tesla System bindings – AfterBurner or Magneto – and have a factory made splitboard you will need the Voile Splitboard Puck Set.

If you are using Spark R&D pin bindings – Blaze, Burner, Fuse, or Ignition – on a factory made splitboard you need the Voile Splitboard Hardware Kit.

Are the Voile crampons compatible with Spark R&D bindings?

The Voile crampons use a different pin system and attach on the outside of the touring bracket and therefore are NOT compatible with any Spark R&D bindings. We sell our own crampons which are compatible with our bindings. Check them out here.

My bindings hang off my heel edge, what should I do?

Check your puck instillation and make sure the Inline Disc (One Slot) is on the heel side of your board and the Parallel Disc (Two Slot) is on the toe side. For stance angles between roughly -12 and 12 degrees the “A” on the Inline Disc should point toward the board centerline.  For steeper angles, the “B” should point toward the board centerline. This Board Set-up Quick Start Guide has suggestions for getting your setup just right.

Why do my pins fall out when I’m touring or riding?

While riding or touring the arm of the pin should be tucked under the toe strap next to your boot.

Do you have spare parts available?

Yes! Check out our the Kits and Spare Parts section of our online store.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our online store contact us at sales@sparkrandd.com and we’ll get you squared away.

Why don’t my pins fit in ride mode?

If you have a forward angle on your rear binding, you may not be able to secure the pin in ride mode due to interference with the heel rest. If this happens, just slide the pin in from the opposite binding side. You may need to re-adjust the leash length by loosening the toe buckle screw.  Alternatively, you may want to attach the pin on the other side of the binding.

What happened to the Edison?

The Edison was a prototype splitboard interface and binding combo designed in 2011 to improve the touring and riding experience. We spring boarded off of this concept in 2012 and added some new features. The result? Tesla. Over the Edison prototypes, the Tesla bindings are easier to use, more snow tolerant, and less expensive and complicated to manufacture. We will not be continuing further Edison development; the Tesla System delivers everything we need and more for all around splitboard performance. This year’s binding line includes the Magneto and the AfterBurner – both utilizing the Tesla System binding anatomy.

Still didn’t answer your questions? Send us an email at info@sparkrandd.com