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Vote for Spark in the ISPO Awards!

The ISPO Brand-New Award recognizes innovation in sports. Our newest binding, the Fuse, is featured in the contest, and so we’d like you to…

Check out our video and vote for us here:

We’re proud to be in the competition, and may the best splitboard-binding company in Bozeman MT within a few blocks of the Filling Station win!

Check out the new hotness!

Spark R&D is psyched to bring you splitphiles news on our fresh binding! Introducing for the 2009/2010 season.. the Fuse!

Following up the Backcountry Editors Choice Awarded Ignition II, the Fuse has a pile of improvements. We will be manufacturing the baseplates and heel loops completely in house, offering a solid one piece CNC design, stronger pivots, lighter weight, and a few other benefits. Check out the complete details on our website!

Also be on the lookout for some discounted Ignition II’s.. (check out our home page/store.. hint, hint)

Custom Baseplates

We recently received the following email:

Hi Will, This season I’ve been getting pushed around by some d#$chebag heli opps for riding “their stash”. So I was hoping you have some white base plates for the Bent Metal Biscuits. I’ve got a white one piece and splitboard and next year I can center punch all their sh%t.

Thanks, J.L.

We couldn’t help but oblige. We did up a pair of Ignition II baseplates with a clear anodizing job, white spacers, and the new Biscuit geometric graphics. They turned out pretty ‘stealth’.. and look mighty good with those white Biscuits! check em out..

(click to enlarge)

J.L. wrote us back:

Thanks Will. The bindings look killer and I’ll let you know when I get busted.

You’re an inspiration to us all J.L. keep up the good work!

Want custom binders? Drop us a line at and we’ll see what we can do.

New Graphics!!

We are putting a new binding together with our current Ignition II baseplates, built around the Bent Metal Biscuit binder. They have a different graphic.. so we drew up some new art for our baseplates, check em out! We have a few pair of both Black and Red Larges in the store as we speak, Smalls will be coming soon.


Thanks for stoppin’ by!