From standard sheet to custom extrusions, our aluminum is sourced nearby and is the raw material for the majority of our binding and accessory parts. With our CNC mills and lathes and extremely talented machinists, we are able to produce a wide variety of parts in all shapes, sizes, and complex geometries. All scrap is sorted and recycled.



This electrochemical process puts the vibrantly colored finish on our aluminum parts
like baseplates, heel loops, tailclips, etc. More than just adding pretty colors, anodizing actually creates an aluminum oxide layer on the parts that hardens the material to make it stronger, more resistant to corrosion, more slippery to prevent snow stick, and in general preserves the material. It is a much more environmentally friendly process than powder coating or painting and adds almost no weight or thickness to the parts. The anodizing station is like a mini chemistry lab and requires precise operation and maintenance. All waste water is reused and our system features custom insulated dye and rinse tanks to reduce energy consumption.

Injection Molding

Injection Molding

We have been ramping up over the last three seasons to bring all of our plastic molding in-house. We started small with our Mr. Chomps heel block and centering bars then expanded to our Spark Pucks and snap blocks. In 2016/17 we began injection molding all our plastic parts in house including our Rip 'N' Flip Highbacks. For 2017/18 we added our Pillow Line ankle and toe straps to the list of plastic products we are producing in-house!

Pad Printing

Pad Printing

Our product graphics were originally all laser etched, but we have been pad printing in-house since 2012 and it has opened up a world of possibilities for product graphics. Not only is it faster, more colorful, and more consistent ….it’s super fun. We select, test, and color match our own inks and every Spark product with graphics has been hand printed by one of our own employees.



Our modern assembly line is equipped with a grip of air guns, several quality control checkpoints, an incredible team of detail oriented hardworking guys and gals, and everything from hip hop to hair metal blaring from the shop speakers. Beyond the eye-catching technology in our factory, Spark R&D’s greatest asset is its people. Our team is as passionate about putting out good product as they are about shredding with it in the mountains nearby.

We're lucky to build products that bring joy to people and allow them to splitboard places they otherwise couldn't. We are as excited to help splitboarders get out in the backcountry and explore as we are about getting out ourselves. We’re looking for awesome individuals who want to share our stoke for snowboarding, splitboarding, and building bindings.

Some of the perks for working at Spark R&D include:

  • Flexible scheduling
    • Winter really drives who we are as a company, to reflect this we offer Shred Wednesdays so we can all have an extra day to ride and remember why are are doing what we're doing!
    • Summer in Bozeman is amazing! Depending on workloads we accommodate a number of different ways to take advantage of what Montana has to offer.
  • Employee discounts on Spark R&D gear as well as other discounts extending through the snowboard industry and beyond.
  • Demo product in case you don't have your own splitboard equipment yet, or just want to try something new.
  • Sweet Spark R&D swag and apparel.
  • Work with an amazing and passionate group of people.

Applicable to full time permanent positions:

  • Healthcare reimbursement program

Check out the positions below and drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.


Current Openings

A little about us:

We're lucky to build products that bring joy to people and allow them to splitboard places they otherwise couldn't. We are as excited to help splitboarders get out in the backcountry and explore as we are about getting out ourselves. We're looking for awesome individuals who want to share our stoke for snowboarding, splitboarding, and building bindings.

Manufacturing day 2016:
2017 employee party:
Shred Wednesday video:

Assembly Team Member

Spark R&D manufactures the best splitboard bindings and accessories in the world right here in Bozeman. We are seeking driven and reliable individuals to join our assembly team. You'll learn new skills, work with cool people, and be frequently treated to gourmet donuts from Granny's. Position starts at $10 per hour, you will be eligible for raises at 30 and 60 days. Employees will also be eligible for discounts on Spark R&D and other outdoor gear, and will have access to demo products. The right candidate is comfortable standing for prolonged periods, using pneumatic drills and has an eye for detail.

No experience required. Email your resume to to schedule an interview! Full-time preferred. Positions are seasonal and will go from now until mid-December or mid-January, however, permanent status is possible after such time.

Anodizing Team Member

Annual Status: Permanent & Seasonal

Hourly Status: Full-time & Part-time

Email your resume to to schedule an interview!

Tasks include:

Efficiently anodize aluminum parts in quantities and by order specified by Anodizing Manager.

Ensure parts are anodized in accordance with specified times, temperatures, pH values, current densities, concentrations, and other relevant anodizing parameters specified by Anodizing Manager.

Perform chemical and rinse tank maintenance or replacement as specified by Anodizing Manager.

Accurately count, rack, and de-rack aluminum parts pre- and post- anodization to ensure parts are anodized in the correct quantities.

Ensure parts are securely held on each rack that is to be anodized and that parts are not overlapping or touching on the racks so as to prevent spots and blemishes on finished parts.

Inspect anodizing racks regularly and ensure they are in good operable condition and that connections between rack components are tight. Perform routine maintenance on racks to ensure full electrical current transfer between buss bar and racking in the anodizing tanks.

Regularly inspect in-use anodizing equipment and report any malfunctions, failures, breakdowns, or poor performance to Anodizing Manager.

Pay regular attention to all in-use anodizing process controls and equipment including but not limited to: heating units, temperature controllers, liquid pumps, pipelines and pipeline connections, tanks, agitators, air pumps, voltage/amperage controllers, cathodes and buss bars, A/C units, fans, and cooling systems to ensure proper function and to catch any malfunctions, breakdowns, or overheating as soon as possible.

Regulate liquid levels of soap, etch, nitric, black dye, sealer, and sealer rinse tanks on a day to day basis.

Regularly check liquid levels of sulphuric acid tanks and report to Anodizing Manager when top-ups are needed.

Utilize proper rinsing techniques between each anodizing process tank to minimize chemical drag-in/drag-out as well as prevent anodizing blemishes due to acid spotting or poor rinsing.

Clearly update written anodizing schedules and paper work orders when parts are completed or partially completed.

Perform quality control on all raw parts to be racked to ensure tumbling quality is satisfactory before parts are anodized. Separate substandard parts and record updated quantities on re-tumble box(es).

Perform quality control on all finished anodized parts to ensure high color consistency and finish quality. Separate substandard parts and record all relevant scrap information.

Receive re-tumbled parts from tumbling department as needed and ensure correct quantities were returned. Consolidate re-tumbled parts with like parts in anodizing department stock locations.

Package anodized parts in accordance with the kits specified on the written anodizing schedule. Keep an organized and properly labeled inventory location of partially completed kits.

Ensure packaged anodized parts are packed safely and securely to prevent cosmetic damage during transport, storage, or unpacking when transferring between departments.

Maintain cleanliness of anodizing floor, tables, tanks, lids, and other equipment on a day to day basis.