Tesla Heel Locker

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Tesla Heel Lockers attach to the Tesla Heel Rest and are easily operated with the tip of a ski pole. Riders can lock down the heel in tour mode to better adapt to diverse terrain types where quick descents, side-stepping, traversing, and skate-splitting become more effective means of backcountry travel.

Weight: 2oz/pr (57g)

Updated Design: More stompable design features stronger, larger radius bends.

Bomber Material: Made of durable stainless spring steel.

Forward Releasable: Heel locker will forward release for added safety.

Sizing: Improved sizing for precise functionality and baseplate fit.

Increased Friction: Heel locker will stay put in locked or unlocked position.

Note: The Tesla Heel Locker is intended to be used as a touring and climbing aid. Not to be used for high speed downhill skiing. Heel Lockers are releasable and may release unexpectedly, potentially leading to a loss of control.

Compatible with all Tesla System baseplates and heel rests (Magneto, AfterBurner, Two Wire Burton Hitchhiker)

Not compatible with Spark R&D Tesla T1 heel rests and baseplates (Arc, Surge, Women’s Arc, Women’s Surge) or Pin Mount baseplates (Blaze, Burner, Fuse, Ignition).