Surge Baseplate Kit

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For those splitters who already have a set of Blaze, Burner, Magneto and/or AfterBurner bindings, but are now ready for the Tesla T1 System. Switch the heel loop, highbacks, ankle and toe straps onto Tesla T1 baseplates and you are ready to rock. The Surge baseplate is our stiffer model with a solid base design. Baseplate Kits come standard with Whammy Bars.

In the Box: Baseplates, Tesla touring brackets, T1 heel rests, and hardware.

Weight: 1.61 lbs/pr - (732g), Medium; 1.54 lbs/pr (700g), XS/S

Snap Ramps: The hinged toe ramp design locks you into touring and ride modes with just one moving part for super fast transitions. No pins, no cables, no fiddle factor.

Side-Lock Touring Brackets: Clog-free brackets make switchovers efficient and painless. Slide bindings from left to right onto the offset brackets, lock down the toe ramp and you’re set for touring. Integrated Ibex crampon mounting claws for quick and easy installation and removal; you never even have to unstrap.

One Climbing Wire: T1 stands for One Wire – because that’s all you need. A single fatty wire built into the baseplate switches easily from stowed, to low (12°), to high (18°) climbing positions and back again while touring. Baseplate Kits come standard with Whammy Bars.

Compatible with all Tesla System and 2012/13 pin mount binding models and beyond.

Compatible with 2011/12 Blaze & Burner bindings with the addition of the Heel Loop Kit.